Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Beware Newspeak!

Welcome to my new blog PC Newspeak Deconstruction.

The purpose of this blog is to examine and deconstruct the Politically Correct Newspeak which has infected our modern cultures and which is summarised by George Orwell in the meme quote above.

I shall also be covering subjects such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), cognitive dissonance and social engineering which are all factors in the Newspeak agenda.

Mainstream thought has become so boxed into its own paradigm that it has become impossible to experience reality authentically while still adhering to that orthodoxy.  Political correctness and Newspeak has managed to deconstruct reality and thereby degrade all value, so it has now become necessary to counter attack and deconstruct the deceptions which have been infiltrated into our minds through its techniques.

There is a wave of reconstructive thought travelling around the world at this present time which is engaged in stripping away the veil of lies and supposed acceptibility of the suicidal conformity which has enmired supposed 'liberal values'.

I will leave this opening blog with these general statements so that my readers may consider what the particular expressions of this corruption may be before I return shortly and expand on some detailed examples.

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